04 October, 2011

Advertise on this blog - Our new low rates!

Individuals and corporates can advertise on this blog to enjoy our high Internet search rankings and readers from a wide geographical area.

We rank very highly on Internet search engines for keyword searches including "Suva activities", "Suva events", "Suva shopping", "Suva art", "Suva sports", etc.

More than 80% of our readers are from Fiji, Australia, USA, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Our advertising rates are the lowest when compared to those currently offered in Fiji. We offer two types of advertising :
  • Post/Message Advertising - where ads will be included as an entry on our blog;
  • Banner Advertising - where ads will be included in the banner area at the top of our blog page.
Post/Message Advertising rates are very low while Banner Advertising will be slightly higher.

Post/Message Advertising Rates will be posted as an entry on blog for number of days/weeks/months paid for and taken down thereafter :

  • 1 day ad rate - F$5.00 per post/message;
  • 1 week ad rate - F$30.00 per post/message;
  • 2 weeks ad rate - F$50.00 per post/message;
  • 1 month ad rate - F$90.00 per post/message.
Banner Advertising Rates which will appear where we advertise our contact at the top of the blog :
  • 1 day ad rate - F$20.00 per ad;
  • 1 week ad rate - F$60.00 per ad;
  • 2 weeks ad rate - F$90.00 per ad;
  • 1 month ad rate - F$150.00 per ad.
As mentioned in an earlier post, activities and events in Suva will be posted free. The advertising rates will apply to shopping and commercial messages. Advertisers from overseas can market their products/services to Fiji residents while Fiji advertisers can market their products/services to our readers in Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand.

Individuals and corporates may need to have their ads on the blog for a few days or a 1 week so that it would be captured in the updates of keyword searches by search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo.

To discuss how you can take advantage of our blog rankings, wide readership base and our low advertising rates, pls contact us on e-mail info@gilbert.com.fj or call telephone (679) 3342719. Ask for an introductory discount!

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