07 March, 2011

Uto Ni Yalo prepares for another journey

The Uto Ni Yalo is preparing for another journey to protect and preserve our oceans. Organised by the Fiji Islands Voyaging Society, the 'Uto ni Yalo' will sail for New Zealand this month. It will take an estimated 7 to 8 days. While in Auckland, the Uto ni Yalo will be fitted with solar powered engines before embarking on a trip to Hawaii. In the Tuamotu Islands in Tahiti, the Vaka of the Cook Islands and Tahiti will join the flotilla. All seven canoes will undertake the voyage to Hawaii using traditional navigation methods. Crew from all seven vaka will be acting as cultural and environmental ambassadors of the Pacific. For more information, pls call Colin Philp of the Fiji Voyaging Society President Colin Philp on telephone (679) 9992340 or Sitiveni Tawakevou on telephone (679) 9224750.

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