02 December, 2009

Blog Readership : November 2009 vs October 2009

We provide you with statistics on our blog readership. Here are the readership statistics for our Promoting Suva blog for the months of November and October 2009. Data for October is given first followed by data for November. [Our blog statistics are maintained on Google Analytics.] October 2009

November 2009


  1. Readership of the blog rose again over the month of November 2009 from the previous month. Page views over a month also increased from the previous month.
  2. Readers from Fiji, Australia, USA, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada continue to form our largest readership group being over 80% of our blog readers. Readers from these countries can best be targeted for marketing from this blog.
  3. Our top referring site continues to be google.com. The high referrals from google.com indicates our continued strong and high visibility on google searches. Our site's search ranking on Google continues to do well with most searches, e.g. for 'Suva activities', 'Suva events', 'Suva Sports', 'Suva art', 'Suva craft', 'Suva tourist activities', 'Suva shopping', our site usually appears on Page 1.
  4. Keyword searches indicate that readers are searching for a broad range of issues from individuals, to activities, to places and sights, to shopping and art. Most notable over the month of November were the searches for the Miss South Pacific Pageant which was held in Suva in November 2009 and was won for the first time in its 22 year history by Miss Fiji. Also notable is the sustained high searches for commercial/shopping companies e.g. Courts Homecentres, Tappoos, MHCC, etc. We note that there is now a move towards more online shopping rather than our readers merely searching for activities and events. We have also noticed that readers are now spending more time going through our blog i.e. our blog's stickiness has risen.

Companies can utilise our wide readership base and high search rankings to market and advertise their products. For advertising to our wide readership base, check our advertising rates here.

If you wish to discuss how we you can advertise your products and services on our blog, e-mail us on info@gilbert.com.fj or call telephone (679) 3342719, (679) 3544897 or (679) 9921427.

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