03 September, 2009

Torika Bolatagici's new exhibition

We are posting this for a friend of ours although the event is not scheduled for Suva. Torika Bolatagici's SPIRIT OF ENTERPRISE exhibition will be open from Tuesday, 1 September, to Friday, 18 September 2009, from 12pm to 6pm, at 117 Lt Lonsdale St, Melbourne, Australia. Remittances from Fijian workers overseas are the nation’s largest income – exceeding that of tourism and sugar. Fijian bodies have become a valuable export commodity in the increasingly privatised economy of war. Torika's new photographic and installation work asks where black and white bodies fit within this new economy of war…who is visible and who is invisible? Whose bodies are commodities and who embodies the spirit of enterprise? More information: http://busprojects.com.au/2009/08/28/the-dawn-of-r_a_m-sacred-predictions-spirit-of-enterprise/#more-349

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