14 May, 2009

What are we teaching our children in Fiji?

Have you noticed our blog updates recently? There have been mostly sports related events posted. The question to ask is : Are there any other events going on or scheduled, aside from sports? We have not seen much. The next question to ask is : What are we teaching our children? Well, if we put ourselves forward 10 years, one can say that we will definitely have a lot of sports people. Will we have enough professionals? Probably but perhaps not. I have not seen events like we had when we were younger such as mathematics competitions, oratory contests, traditional handicraft making, learning art and craft, etc, in recent times and more so over the past year. Come on people, get up and start doing something for your children! Organise some thought provoking events that will keep challenging our kids and train them well for their future. Organise traditional handicraft events. Organise indigenous or Hindi classes for kids. Organise etiquette classes to teach them proper manners. Organise science competitions. Organise mathematics tournaments. Organise something that will provoke their thinking. I do believe that "life is what you make of it". It will be dull if you want it dull and it will give you the world, if you want it to do that. Take your pick.

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