21 January, 2009

Flood Appeal : Go Direct to the Victims

As I had suggested earlier, to assist the victims of the recent flood either go through the Fiji Red Cross, which has a more fairer and just way of identifying and taking assistance to victims, or go to the victims directly yourself. I went around to some villages in the Rewa Delta on Monday, 19 January 2009, and asked Fijians along the road as to which villages were affected the most. I went around a few villages and asked the villagers themselves whether they were adversely affected. I found that the villagers were quite frank as to whether they were affected or not and openly volunteered information on what other villages may have been more severely affected than their village. Three villages that were most affected were :
  • Drekena, just down the waterway from Lomanikoro, the chiefly village of the Rewa Province,
  • the Daurewa family's village, just on the other side of the waterway from Lomanikoro, and
  • Waivou, the village of former Minister in the Rabuka Government, Mr Berenado Vunibobo.

After doing my own analysis, I decided that I would give my monetary assistance to Drekena village. I met with the turaga-ni-koro and gave him my monetary donation with a request that it be shared equally to all villagers at Drekena.

It felt really satisfying to be of a little assistance to the villagers directly. I am on a week off work to enjoy some free time before I start some further studies and move on with major plans for my business. I had an option of going to a hotel to have a few days off but the thought of living-it-up whilst people suffered was something that I could not come to terms with. Thus, the idea of offering some assistance to victims of the recent flood.

If you wish to assist the victims, try finding out from your Provincial Administrator's office or the Ministry of Rural Development as to which ones really suffered and then direct your assistance to them.

Just before you go, I just noted that Fiji TV has been quite biased in reporting on those suffering. Most of the stories covered have been of Indo-Fijians suffering. Well, the flood affected everyone, regardless of race, gender or age. That fact needs to be made clear! I have been quite happy with the Fiji Times. The newspaper has been carrying an extensive and unbiased coverage of those suffering, both Fijians and Indo-Fijians. Kudos to the Fiji Times on that!

Anyway, the victims are still out there. Pls offer something from your heart to them. If you do not have anything, your prayers will do.

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