05 December, 2008

UNIFEM Film Festival

The third round of the UNIFEM Film Festival will be held on Monday, 8 December 2008, starting 7pm at the Alliance Francaise, Suva. There will be two short films screened namely 'Turkey: Killing in the name of Honour' and 'Iron Ladies of Liberia'. The film 'Turkey: Killing in the Name of Honour' reveals how Turkey is cracking down on ‘custom killing’ and making life imprisonment a mandatory sentence. Killing female family members in the name of honour for perceived injury to the family’s standing is a crime emanating from centuries old traditions. This has also led to the disturbing evidence that tougher sentencing is leading to an increase in forced suicides. 'Iron Ladies of Liberia' portrays the change of Liberia from the early decades of brutal civil war to the present day. On 16 January 2006, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was elected to be the country’s first female president and Africa’s first freely elected female head of state. A Harvard-educated economist and grandmother of eight who had been exiled to Nigeria and nicknamed the Iron Lady, Johnson Sirleaf won a run-off election with 59 percent of the vote, but faces enormous obstacles in rebuilding a war-torn country. Admission is free. For more information, pls call the Alliance Francaise on telephone (679) 3313802.

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