23 October, 2008

Removal of Suva Landmark

The demolition of the Raiwai and Raiwaqa four storey barracks removes a long standing landmark on Suva's landscape. The four storey barracks have been removed with the ones at Raiwaqa completed demolished as of today. The buildings have been in existence for over 40 years and provided low cost housing to Suva residents. The Public Rental Board which manages the buildings as part of Government's low cost rental housing for low income earners has announced previously that it plans to erect new buildings on the two sites after the old buildings became a health and safety hazard. The sites are located along Grantham Road and Nairai Road.

1 comment:

allan said...

My family moved in to block 3 (vonolevu)nairai road when block 2 and 5 were not yet built and block 4 was just starting to be built. The people were the best the times were great and they may have taken the blocks down but the people who grew up there will always have the blocks in our hearts.
I must point out that the original family who owned the whole land that all the blocks were built on (i wont name them here) were givn one flat in block 3. I hope to God they were remembered as the original owners and are looked after.