05 September, 2008

'Sliding Through the Swamp Sources and Consequenes of Improverished Leadership': Seminar

The University of the South Pacific will be conducting a seminar titled 'Sliding through the Swamp Sources and Consequences of Impoverished Leadership' on Monday, 8 September 2008, starting 1pm at the University of the South Pacific H401 Lecture Room, Laucala Bay, Suva. The Seminar will be led by Professor Narottam Bhindi, who is the Director of the Australian Centre for Educational Leadership, University of Woolongong, Australia. In this seminar, Narottam Bhindi argues that the dark, shadowy side of leadership has often remained unacknowledged and swept under the carpet. Drawing on his personal experience in different workplaces, his observations of human drama, and relevant literature, Narottam identifies three types of leadership: Wimps, Thugs, and Show ponies as examples of destructive leadership which need understanding and resolution. For more information, pls email Jeremy Dorovolomo on dorovolomo_j@usp.ac.fj.

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