25 July, 2008


This will be held on 25 and 26 July, 2008 at the Suva Civic Centre, Suva. The programmes for the 2 days are as follows:

• 9:00am Industry Open Day ready to commence and Guests arrive;

• 9:45 Guests to be seated before Guests of Honour (TFL CEO Taito Tabaleka) arrives;

• GOH arrives GOH garlanded;

• 10:00 GOH is introduced by MC

• 10:05 GOH Speech and Official Opening

• 10:30 MC introduces CEO, FAVC

• 10:35 CEO, FAVC Speech on New Vision, Mission, Logo and Website

• 10:45 Board Member Yaminiasi Gaunavou unveils new FAVC Vision

• 10:50 GOH tours the Exhibition and Booths; Other guests also visit Booths; Industry Open Day opens to the public; Live band plays in Auditorium; Past Fiji Film start showing to the public (Venue – Auditorium); Film and TV Unit all- day “news reading” by the public

• 11:00 Film Stunt Performance

• 11:15 Morning Tea on Balcony;

Guest of Honour departs

• 12:00 Discussion Session: “Business Opportunities in the AV Industry

• 13:00 Film Stunt Performance

• 15:00 Screening of Kula Film Awards movies for voting purposes

• 16:00 Discussion Session:” Careers Opportunities in the AV Industry”

• 17:00 Stunt Performance

• 18:00 Open Day closes to the Public

• 9:00 Industry Open Day opens to the public; Booths open; Live band performance with local musicians; start playing past Fiji films; Film and TV unit news reading by members of the public- this is available all day; Stunt performance;

• 10:00 Screen Kula films awards movies for voting purposes

• 11:00 Discussion session: “Making Fiji competitive in the AV world”

• 12:00 Film stunt performance

• 13:00 Discussion session: “Economic benefits of AV productions”

• 14:30 Film stunt performance

• 15:00 Voting closes for most popular film

TFL Kula Film Awards Night
• 17:30 Guests arrive

• 18:00 Minister of Industry, Tourism, Trade and Communication Mr. Tom Ricketts and Mrs. Ricketts arrive and met by FAVC CEO and deputy chairman, Chris Caine

• 18:05 Mr. and Mrs. Ricketts, Mr. and Mrs. Tabaleka escorted to stage and Garlanded

• 18:10 Mr. Caine speaks then invites the Minister of Trade to address the audience

• 18:15 Speech by the Minister of Industry, Tourism, Trade and Communications

• 18:30 Bollywood Dance Competition begins

• 20:00 Film Stunt performance

• 20:30 Presentation by Mrs. Ricketts for participation by teachers of all Schools and special prizes

• 20:45 PBS Bollywood Dance Presentation:
Air Pacific Best Individual Dancer- presented by Ms Shaenaaz Voss of Air Pacific;
Golden Manufacturers Most Entertaining Group - presented by Pradeep Fonseka of Golden Manufacturers
PBS Best Group Costume - presented by Mr. Simon Fong of PBS

• 21:05 TFL CEO delivers sponsor speech

• 21:20 TFL Kula film awards presentation: SPR Best actor – announced by Mr. Romil Patel; presented by Minister;
SPR Best Actress - announced by Mr. Romil Patel; presented by Minister;
Air Pacific Best director - announced by Ms Shaenaaz Voss of Air Pacific; presented by Minister;
TFL Most popular film - announced by TFL CEO; presented by Minister;
TFL Kula Best Film – announced by TFL CEO; presented by Minister; Vote of Thanks – CEO FAVC; audience departs; Invited guests and F$20.00 ticket holders proceed to the lower hall for entertainment, cocktails & food.

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