27 June, 2008

Southern Zone Schools Rugby

The Southern Zone Schools Rugby games continue on Saturday, 28 June 2008, at teh National Stadium, Bidesi and Buckhurst Parks, Laucala Bay, Suva. Games scheduled include :
  • at the National Stadium - 8.30am SGS-MBHS (U14), 9.20am SGS-MBHS (U15), 10.20am SGS-MBHS (U17), 11.30am LBSS-MBT (U19), 12.40pm NAB-MBHS (U19), 2.00pm JR White Cup Challenge: NSS-MBHS (U18), 3.20pm Uluinaceva Shield Challenge: SGS-NSS (U19);
  • at Bidesi Park - 9.00am AMC-LDS (U15), 10.00am MBHS-DHS (U16), 11.00am NAB-AOG (U17), 12.10pm GHS-Lami (U18), 1.20pm NAB-SGS (U18);
  • at Buckhurst Park - 9.00am LBSS-GHS (U15), 10.00am CSS-RSMS (U16), 11.10am Lami-GHS (U16), 12.20pm SSC-LDS (U16), 1.30pm JWC-LDS (U18).

Admission fees are F$5.00 per person to the Grandstand, and F$3.00 per person to the embankment. Children in school uniform pay F$2.00 per student.

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