10 April, 2008

2008 IRB Pacific Rugby Cup Schedule

This is the schedule of games for the 2008 IRB Pacific Cup Rugby Series :
  • Round 1
  • Friday, 18 April, 7pm, Fiji Warriors vs Tautahi Gold, Churchill Park, Lautoka;
  • Friday, 18 April, 4pm, Savai'i Samoa vs Fiji Barbarians, Marist Stadium, Apia;
  • Saturday, 19 April, 3pm, Tau'uta Reds, vs Upolu Samoa, Teufaiva Stadium, Nuku'alofa;

  • Round 2
  • Friday, 25 April, 7pm, Fiji Barbarians vs Upolu Samoa, National Stadium, Suva;
  • Saturday, 26 April, 3pm, Savai'i Samoa vs Fiji Warriors, Prince Edward Park, Savaii;
  • Saturday, 26 April, 3pm, Tau'uta Reds vs Tautahi Gold, Teufaiva Stadium, Nuku'alofa;

  • Round 3
  • Friday, 2 May, 3pm, Upolu Samoa vs Fiji Warriors, Marist Stadium, Apia;
  • Friday, 2 May, 3pm, Tautahi Gold vs Savai'i Samoa, Teufaiva Stadium, Nuku'alofa;
  • Saturday, 3 May, 3pm, Fiji Barbarians vs Tau'uta Reds, Lawaqa Park, Sigatoka;

  • Round 4
  • Friday, 9 May, 7pm, Fiji Warriors vs Tau'uta Reds, Prince Charles Park, Nadi;
  • Friday, 9 May, 3pm, Tautahi Gold, vs, Fiji Barbarians, Teufaiva Stadium, Nuku'alofa;
  • Saturday, 10 May, 3pm, Upolu Samoa vs Savai'i Samoa, Marist Stadium, Apia;

  • Round 5
  • Friday, 16 May, 3pm, Tau'uta Reds vs Savai'i Samoa, Teufaiva Stadium, Nuku'alofa;
  • Saturday, 17 May, 3pm, Fiji Warriors vs Fiji Barbarians, Subrail Park, Labasa;
  • Saturday, 17 May, 3pm, Upolu Samoa vs Tautahi Gold, Marist Stadium, Apia;

  • Final
  • Saturday, 24 May, 1st Place Team vs 2nd place team (Hosted by top ranked team)

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