30 January, 2008

Suva recovers from Cyclone Gene

Suva is recovering from Cyclone Gene whose gale force winds struck the capital city on Monday and early Tuesday this week. While most parts of the city have electricity back on, most residents are still suffering from having no water supply for the past day and a half. Some offices and businesses remain closed due to problems with water supply. While some homes and businesses have suffered some minor damages, everyone is happy that they did not experience any major damages to their homes and businesses. Most schools remain closed, with most of them reopening for classes as normal from Monday next week. It is hoped that water supply will be restored today.


gReeR said...

dang, sounds like some harsh times there... its crazy how the weather has been so different and sporadic throughout the world.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

You are the eternal optimist Gilbert. Sobosobo, promoting Suva when all hell is breaking out in wild winds and rain is a big ask! Okay, the recovery is going on, but it must be so frustrating living in Suva when the taps are dry and the electricity is off. Of course our distant cousins in Vanua Levu are having it tougher when their food gardens are trashed by the cyclones that keep on coming. Peceli just came back from Fiji with many stories of difficulties but we still want tourists to visit Fiji come hell or high water!
To be more serious, I would say that my motto is - Shelter your family and watch out for your neighbour. It's a reminder that the people in Fiji mostly have a good heart to look after one another in times such as this.