16 January, 2008

Gloria Jeans Coffee

Gloria Jeans is the place to be if you want coffee or any other varieties of it. Of all the coffee shops in Suva, I would recommend Gloria Jeans. While the prices are not very cheap, the drinks are good value for the money that you pay. They have the best tasting coffee drinks in town. Aside from that, their location, at Mid City Plaza, Cumming Street, Suva, is out of the way from the busy street and allows you to read a paper, book or just get away from the busy parts and people of Suva. As for Esquire, i.e. the former ROC, I went there after it got its new name and noticed that while the prizes had gone up immediately, the quality of drinks went down a number of rungs on the "taste" ladder. It simply is just not the same as it was when it used to be The ROC. I used to like the one opposite the Prouds, Suva Central Building, as you could sit away from the public inside the coffee shop and enjoy your coffee while watching the traffic and people. However, after trying Gloria Jeans, I might not be visiting that outlet for a while. As for the new Morris Hestrom's food outlet, if you like being seen in various stages of opening and closing your mouth while eating, then that is the place for you. The food court is right in the middle of the thoroughfare when you cross through the building to go to Rodwell Road from Ellery Street. Just not the place for me!

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