16 December, 2007

Road tour across Viti Levu in February 2008

I am planning a road tour across Viti Levu in early February 2008. This should be eye-opening trip to appreciate how simple things are in the rural areas and also keep us focused on the beauty of nature and God’s provision for us. Will use a four wheel drive and take camping items with me and some tea stuff for families that may invite us in for the night while on tour. The only thing that will need to be paid is the fuel for the 4wd, hire fees (which I will hire from a relative) and food. The camping materials will be borrowed (or hired?) from the army/navy folks. If you wish to join me on this trip, do let me know so that we can start planning the details, costing, etc. If you know of a friend that may be interested, send this e-mail to them. Total number of people that can go will be limited to 5 only (i.e. the capacity of the 4wd). I look forward to hear from you. Pls e-mail me on promotingsuva@gilbert.com.fj or call me on telephones (679) 3396427 or (679) 9921427 if you want to join me on this tour.

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