12 August, 2007

Fijian music legend dies in Hawaii

Fijian music legend, Sakiusa Bulicokocoko, has died in Hawaii, USA. The singer who made an outstanding contribution to putting Fiji music on the Pacific and international scene died of cancer. Sakiusa was the original Fijian singer who brought fame to the "vude" beat and rhythm which was later popularised by Seru Serevi, Laisa Vulakoro, Georgina Ledua and the Police Jazz and Dance Band, among others. Sakiusa also sang jazz. He was a popular draw wherever live band entertainment was put up. Fijian music followers will miss him. We hope that the Fiji radio stations will play some of his songs on air over the next few days - songs that have all but vanished from enjoying radio time. We pass on our condolences to Sakiusa's family.

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