03 July, 2007

A Tourist's Experience in Fiji

Read an article reproduced from the Fiji Times, Tuesday, 3 July 2007, which notes a tourist's experience of the real Fiji over the past week.

  • "Tourist meets 'friendly people', Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Christopher Kreutzer in Nadi yesterday.

  • The people of Fiji are among the friendliest and kindest people in the world and those contemplating a visit to its shores should ignore negative travel advisories, says an American tourist who walked around Viti Levu. Christopher Kreutzer of California said he could not understand the negative travel advisories posted by foreign governments warning people not to visit Fiji. The 26-year-old who completed an 11-day walk around Fiji's largest islands Viti Levu on Sunday, said the people of Fiji were among the most friendly, kind and welcoming people he had ever met. Mr Kreutzer, a housekeeping supervisor of Stanford Hospital, said tourists who cancel their plans because of the advisories would miss out on a perfect holiday filled with "beautiful scenery and wonderful people". Mr Kreutzer, who returns to America on Thursday, arrived in Fiji on June 21. He decided the only way he would really get a true Fijian experience was if he walked around Viti Levu soaking in the sights and sounds of every day life. He set off on his journey from the Nadi International Airport in the West at about 6am, walking along the Queens Highway to Lautoka. From Lautoka, Mr Kreutzer walked to Ba before making his way to Suva along the Kings Highway. After two days of carrying all his belongings on his back, Mr Kreutzer stopped over in Ba where he bought two wheelbarrow wheels and metal frames for a makeshift cart. With the cart carrying his belongings, Mr Kreutzer went on determined to complete his journey within his two-week holiday in Fiji. "Even though two weeks is a short time to really take everything in, my journey around Viti Levu made me meet very friendly people," he said. "I arrived with no expectations but the response and friendliness I received from the locals was overwhelming. I just don't understand why these negative travel advisories are being posted about Fiji so the only advice for those having second thoughts is don't cancel. They will miss out on a very memorable holiday." Mr Kreutzer is on a tour that will see him spend a week in Australia before flying off to France then returning to the United States."

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

The best advertising for a Fiji holiday experience is word of mouth, not large advertisments. If tourists tell friends they had a good time, then that's what impacts on a decision to visit. TV ads, full-page colour ads in newspapers just remind people of Fiji and also are very costly. Travel warnings are heeded though, and I guess tourists don't go to Suva so much which is unfortunate as there are plenty of things to do - as you know!