28 July, 2007

Fiji School of Medicine Open Day Oratory Competition 2007

The Fiji School of Medicine is organising an Oratory Competition for its Open Day. The competition is open to all secondary school students who are invited to speak on any of the following topics :
  • The role of the Fiji School of Medicine in building a healthier Pacific
  • What the image of Pacific health workers of tomorrow would be?
  • Some people say that we are eating and drinking ourselves to death

The presentations are to be between 5 and 7 minutes each.

Interest students are invited to register their interest by Friday, 3 August 2007.

Prizes to be won include :

  • Category 1 for Students - 1st prize is F$500.00, 2nd prize is F$300.00 and the 3rd prize is F$150.00;
  • Category 2 for School Supporting Winning Student - 1st prize is a brand new DualCore Pentium Windows Vista PC.

For more information, pls e-mail Marica Rovi on rovi.m@fsm.ac.fj.

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