09 May, 2007

New MH store in Suva to open in October 2007

The new Morris Hedstrom's (MH) store in central Suva will now be opened in October 2007 rather than June as was posted earlier on this blog. The complex will open two weeks before Diwali. The delay in the completion of the project was due to the late arrival of steel girders and the wet weather spell that Suva had recently. The complex will be a full department store mall with a supermarket on the ground floor as well as a food court, bakery, liquor store, pharmacy, butcher and speciality shops like clothing, banking and jewellery outlets. Level 2 would have a department store and MH Homemaker. The department store will continue onto Level 3 where there would be a high-end food court and car park. Note : Check out our very low rates for advertising on this blog here.

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