02 May, 2007

Blog Readership : March 2007 vs April 2007

Here are some interesting readership statistics for our Promoting Suva blog for the months of March and April 2007. Data for March is given first followed by data for April. March 2007
  • total number of visits (not page views, which would be higher) - 698;
  • top 15 countries of origin of readers and no of visits per country - Fiji, 238; Australia, 157; United States, 95; New Zealand, 59; Canada, 27; United Kingdom, 17; Nigeria, 15; Germany, 8; France, 7; Satellite Provider, 6;
  • top 10 referring source - google[organic], 407; (direct)[(none)], 71; www2.blogger.com[referral], 58; babasiga.blogspot.com[referral], 18; yahoo[organic], 16; msn[organic], 12; globalvoicesonline.org[referral], 9; technorati.com[referral], 9; wellington.craigslist.org[referral], 9; vakaivosavosa.blogspot.com[referral], 8;
  • top 20 keywords used in searches - nukulau island, 9; gilbert veisamasama, 7; vacation rentals suva vatuwaqa, 6; suva short stay, 5; lords jewellers, 3; adi nacola, 3; alliance francaise suva, 3; suva's tourist attractions, 2; ben fong"fiji", 2; nukulau, 2; promoting suva, 2; andrew durutalo, 2; suva grammar, 2; suva fiji, 2; laucala bay,suva accommodation, 2; talei bari, 2; fiji hindi singer ronald jai, 2; f whippy oil painting, 2; shobna chanel, 2; suva people, 2.

April 2007

  • total number of visits (not page views, which would be higher) - 1,246;
  • top 15 countries of origin of readers and no of visits per country - Fiji, 453; Australia, 214; United States, 202; New Zealand, 82; Canada, 48; United Kingdom, 47; Cote D'Ivoire, 34; Nigeria, 17; India, 15; France, 10;
  • top 10 referring source - google[organic], 913; (direct)[(none)], 122; www2.blogger.com[referral], 49; yahoo[organic], 17; babasiga.blogspot.com[referral], 13; ivebeenthere.co.uk[referral], 11; msn[organic], 8; google.com[referral], 8; southpacific.org[referral], 7; search[organic], 6;
  • top 20 keywords used in searches - kidanet fiji, 15; nukulau island, 9; suva on sale, 8; oceania centre for arts and culture, 7; fijiliving, 7; damodar brothers, 6; adi nacola, 4; mv westerland, 4; oceania centre fiji, 3; doreen francis fiji, 3; suva fiji, 3; courts homecentres, 3; email address lenora qereqeretabua, 3; nukulau, 3; jese mucunabitu, 3; fiji's activities and sports, 2; hibiscus.com.fj, 2; talica vuatalevu, 2; promoting suva, laucala beach, 2; cardos fiji, 2.
Observations :
  1. Page visits has almost doubled over April 2007 compared to March 2007. Page views would be higher than the page visits data;
  2. Readers from Fiji, Australia, USA, New Zealand and Canada make up 80% of our blog readers. Readers from these countries can best be targeted for marketing from this blog which we hope to do in a big way in the near future;
  3. Top referring site is google.com - look at our search results hit it off from google.com with google hits more than doubling in April 2007 compared to March 2007. This should give you an indication of our search rankings on google.com;
  4. Keyword searches indicate that readers are searching for a broad range of issues from individuals, to activities, to places and sights, to shopping and art.

We have just started to post Fijian recipes on the blog to satisfy our readers and note a rise in search for that on the Internet over the last few days. If you have any recipes which you wish to market over the Internet, send us a sample with your e-mail and contact details so that we can post it over the Internet.

Given the increasing readership and high search rankings of our blog on the Internet, we intend to market our blog to individuals and businesses in Fiji and overseas who wish to reach our target readers. They can advertise their products or services on our blog for a small fee. The fee charged will be minimal compared to those charged by other media e.g. newspapers, magazines, radio and TV.

The advantages of advertising on our blog include your having access to a broad range of readers from a wide number of countries; your advertisement being accessible 24/7; you enjoying our high search rankings at no additional cost, etc. See more details of this on an upcoming post.

At this stage, events will be posted free as has been our practice. All other posting will attract a minimal fee depending on how long the advertisement is to be put on the blog.

If you wish to contact us or discuss how best you can use our blog and services, pls e-mail gilbert@connect.com.fj or call telephones (679) 3396427 or (679) 9921427.

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