22 April, 2007

'Words & Flowers' Photo Exhibition

A photo exhibition, ‘Words & Flowers’, is currently showing at the Fiji Museum, Thurston Gardens, Suva, and runs until Thursday, 10 May 2007. The exhibition, by Brazilian photographer Ariana Mendes, will feature 30 pictures of flowers of France , 30 extracts of poems about flowers from French writers with an English translation. There is also a slideshow of 138 pictures of flowers of Fiji and 30 extracts of poems in French and English. Visit the Fiji Museum to see more. Note : For those that require accommodation in Suva, pls try out our two bedroom furnished rental home with sea views. More details are available through the appropriate links at the right hand side of this blog. To contact us, e-mail gilbert@connect.com.fj or call telephones (679) 3396427 or (679) 9921427.

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