23 March, 2007

Message from Germany on MV Westerland and its history

Posted below is a message I received from a Mr Andreas Weidner from Germany on the MV Westerland - the new roll on-roll off ferry that is servicing points including Suva, Savusavu and Labasa. From what we can gather from Mr Weidner, the MV Westerland has had a long and history and holds fond memories for the people that enjoyed its services over the years in Germany. With the introduction of its new services in its new found home, Fiji, we hope that the old German lady will continue to see many more happy days on the waves. Here is Mr Westerland's message :
  • "Dear Mr. Veisamasama, I found your interesting informations about Suva on http://promotingsuva.blogspot.com/ and have a question. I am living in Germany and interested in passenger-ships. So I read about the MV Westerland which is now in service between Suva, Savusavu and Labasa . I know this ship since 1972 and used it many times between the German island Sylt and the Danish Island Romo. So I am interested in the future story of this ship and would be glad to get a picture of the ship in the new area on Fiji after its long way on the other side of the world for my picture collection. I’ m also interested in informations about the future operational area of the ship. So I ask you to give me an information, where I can get one or a few pictures of the MV Westerland in its new operational area.and further informations. In the enclosure I send you pictures of the ship, which took my father in the years 1973 in the habour of List on the island Sylt for your pleasure. I hope you enjoy them showing the ship before its getting altered in later years. You will find more pics of the MV Westerland in the internet-side : http://www.faktaomfartyg.se/westerland_1971.htm (sorry, the side is in Swedish lanuage, but the pictures are wonderful…) Greetings from Hamburg in Germany to Fiji Andreas Weidner"

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Guido from Germany said...

I remember I was often on the MS Westerland in the 1980s enjoying the so called "Butterfahrt" between Kappeln, Germany and Sönderborg, Danmark. Will I ever be once more onboard this ship? I'd like to, but it is so far away.