14 February, 2007

Suva Hiking : an extract from David Stanley's book titled "Fiji"

This is an extract from David Stanley's book titled "Fiji".
  • "For a bird's-eye view of Suva and the entire surrounding area, spend a morning climbing up the volcanic plug atop Mt Korobaba (429 m), the highest peak around. Take a Shore bus to the cement factory beyond the Tradewinds Hotel at Lami, then follow the dirt road past the factory into the foothills. After about 45 minutes on the main track, you'll come to a fork just after a sharp descent. Keep left and cross a small stream. Soon after, the track divides again. Go up on the right and look for a trail straight up to the right where the tracks rejoin. It's a 10 minute scramble to the summit from there. A guide would be helpful. There's a far more challenging climb to the top of Joske's Thumb, a volcanic plug 15 kilometers west of Suva. Take a bus to Naikorokoro Road, then walk inland 30 minutes to where the road turns sharply right and crosses a bridge. Follow the track straight ahead and continue up the river till you reach a small village. It's necessary to request permission of the villagers to proceed and to hire a guide. From the village to the Thumb it will take just less than three hours. The last bit is extremely steep, and ropes may be necessary. It even took Sir Edmund Hillary two tries to climb the Thumb."

David Stanley has written several travel books, one of which is the one on Fiji. He also has a website which you can visit here.

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