12 February, 2007

Suva compared to Nadi

Another body has been discovered in a swamp at Nadi last Saturday afternoon. The partly decomposed body was found by a group of boys who were playing rugby on a beach. This is not an uncommon occurrence for Nadi which has most of the top tourist hotels in Fiji. For the last two years, every now and again the Fiji news headlines would read that a body has been found somewhere there. Yet Suva, which everyone says is not safe and not good for tourists, does not have this. One would rarely read a headline which says that a body has been found in Suva. Two lessons that we can learn from this are :
  • when in Nadi, it would be best that you be accompanied at all times by a friends or family members, particularly for tourists; and
  • Suva is a safe location for both tourists and locals.

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