25 February, 2007

Sunday and church day in Suva

If you are in Suva today or on any other Sunday, you might wish to visit a local church and take part in its Sunday services. Some churches to check out include :
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral in central Suva with its beautiful architectural design from the olden days and is based mainly on the concept of cathedrals in Rome. The Cathedral also has a crypt at the bottom level, however, there are no graves of former Bishops there;
  • Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral in central Suva which also has beautiful design but is very different from the Sacred Heart Cathedral and without the high bell towers that Sacred Heart has;
  • St Andrews Presbyterian Church just down the road from the Holy Trinity Cathedral. This church is built entirely of wood and has a distinct design similar to rural churches overseas. It also said to house one of the oldest pipe organs in Fiji;
  • Centenary Methodist Church in central Suva which also has a distinct design and is great to get a sampling of a local choir; and
  • Calvary (Assembly of God) Temple in Samabula which has a more modern design and is one of the only churches in Suva which has a mezzanine floor which you could sit at during the service.

Each of the above churches will have a very different form of worship depending on the denominations that they belong to.

Fijians are very hospitable people and they would usually invite visitors to enjoy a big lunch at their homes after the church service at midday or for a cup of tea after the evening service.

Visit one of these churches and you might have another glimpse of Fiji.

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