11 February, 2007

Shaista Shameem's story

A beautiful story on Ms Shaista Shameem, the Director of the Human Rights Commission of Fiji, is in the Sunday Times today, 11 February 2007. It tells of her father's arrival from India, his meeting up with her mother, her siblings, the schools that she attended, her stint as a Fiji Times journalist, school teacher, university tutor and then to Director of the Human Rights Commission. A very interesting story indeed. Read on about the Suva girl, Shaista, here. If the lady writes a biography, it would surely be a seller.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Thank you. It's an excellent story and, hey, more power to women like her. But isn't she the one that got into a bit of hot water recently with critics slamming her stance? Certainly every person can have and hold a point of view even if it differs from someone else.
ps. I noticed that Vakaivosavosa won't allow me to read her blog any more since I changed to beta.

Gilbert Veisamasama, Jr said...

Indeed, Wendy. We are entitled to our own opinions. I admire her for what she has gone through with her Dad coming in from India, making a living here and how the children have done fairly well for themselves.

I tried going to Vakaivosavosa too but had the same problem. There is a link that you can e-mail her from to ask her to include you as a member of her group.

I think she is only allowing members of her group to read her blog. So try e-mailing her from that link.

I am not even sure still who the lady is but she does very well so must have good education.