02 February, 2007

More rigorous sales pursued by furniture dealers

People would have noticed the more rigorous sales pitch on TV being done by our furniture dealers. Whilst citizens would not have much spare cash to splurge on furniture these days, they are being attracted by techniques being bandied about such as just paying F$1.00 and you can enjoy the luxury of a sofa seat that costs over F$2,000.00. It is interesting also that most of the furniture being promoted are all imported. Where are our locally produced furniture. Yes, there are those ones from Pacific Green which are made of coconut fibre but whose prices are really beyond the reach of the ordinary citizens and there are those from Mahogany Industries of Fiji. Incidentally, mahogany furniture which costs less than coconut furniture, a very durable and aesthetically pleasing. Mahogany also makes very good outdoor furniture as they stand well in the rain or sun. If you want to check out some of the range offered by Mahogany Industries Fiji Limited, visit their website http://www.mahoganyindustries.com/. We also hope that more local industry would be set up that would promote our local designs.

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