11 February, 2007

Military brass band

The story about the military brass band farewelling the tourists as their cruise ship left harks back to the good old days when they used to do the same. Here is a shot of them from Fiji Live with the departing cruise ship in the background with tourists looking on from the decks. One remembers very well that the either the military brass band or the police band would welcome and farewell the tourists as they arrived or departed on a cruise ship in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Let us hope that this will become a feature again from now on. As for other activities, groups could organise some dance/meke displays, handicraft displays and sale as well as displays and sale of our local flowers. More of these activities could help promote Suva further for tourism. I am not sure what the group forming Destination Suva has done so far or are planning to do, but there is quite a lot that they could do. If they need any help, they need only ask. Go Suva!

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