01 February, 2007

Highest daily readership of the blog recorded on 31 Jan 2007

Readership of this blog has picked up again after the events of early December 2006. The highest daily readership (since Google Analytics statistics was enabled) was recorded yesterday, 31 January 2007. It was 83. Before that, the highest daily readership this year was 57 which was recorded on 9 January. In December, highest daily readership was 58 on 14 December with readership dropping after that and into the later part of December. Total readership for the months were as follows :
  • December 2006 - 767 visits of which the top 10 countries were : Fiji, 208; Australia, 144; United States, 125; United Kingdom, 59; New Zealand, 44; Canada, 26; Cote D'Ivoire, 17; France, 13; India, 11; and Togo, 10;
  • January 2007 - 788 visits of which the top 10 countries were : Fiji, 225; United States, 145; Australia, 117; New Zealand, 61; United Kingdom, 49; Canada, 30; Nigeria, 15; Cote D'Ivoire, 15; India, 12; and Switzerland, 9.

Other points to note :

  • Readers from the United States overtook those we have from Australia in January and are the second highest from any country after Fiji;
  • Readers from New Zealand overtook those from the United Kingdom in January, becoming the fourth highest from any country;
  • Total readership for the month of January 2007 has exceeded that recorded for December 2006;
  • Most of our readers are from Fiji (and from Suva), which means that this blog does have a good chance of advertising events and activities scheduled in Suva;
  • The rise in readership of a blog promoting Suva may substantiate a post made earlier that tourists have begun to show interest again in visiting Suva, or Fiji for that matter.

For those activities and events organisers who wish to advertise their events on this blog, send me your details by e-mail to gilbert@connect.com.fj or call telephones +679 3396427 or +679 9921427.

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