11 February, 2007

Confidence in Suva

Despite warnings by travel advisories, tourists have shown confidence in Suva when visiting on a number of cruise ships that berthed at the capital. Yesterday, over 4,900 tourists and crew from the MV Oriana were in the capital. Amid the usual busy Suva Saturday, tourists mingled with the local crowds looking for bargains and souvenirs to take back with them. On Friday, the MV Astor was in Suva. Monday, 12 February 2007, sees the MV Amsterdam in the capital. Business has been good for local retailers and duty free shops. Tourists have also been to visit the local sites in the city including a colourful Changing of the Guard march past and parade at Government House, the residence of the country's President. Yesterday, the military brass band farewelled the visitors as they left.

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