07 February, 2007

Comments not moderated

Readers are welcome to post comments on this blog. Unlike before, they are no longer moderated. However, we request that you be responsible when entering your comments. If we find that comments are unbecoming or rude, we may have to impose comments moderation again. Anyway, read, enjoy and post your comments on the blog.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hmmm. No unbecoming comments eh. I would like to make some suggestions on who to send to these counselling and crisis management courses but I dare not! Okay, allowing comments without moderation is a risk. Our blogs don't use it and I've only had to delete four or five posts that were offensive or spam.

Gilbert Veisamasama, Jr said...

Thanks, Wendy. Feel free to put in any comments that you wish to contribute. I was meaning swearing and those commercial posts that some people scam us with. Have a great weekend.

Gilbert Veisamasama, Jr said...

Oh yes, that counselling course! I feel that a whole lot of us might a bit of counselling under these trying times. What do you think? I think that course on Crisis Management is quite good but could be a broader one rather than focussing on the tourism industry only.