30 January, 2007

William Ryder stopped at Nadi Airport

William Ryder of the Fiji 7s Rugby team was stopped at Nadi Airport as the team was about to leave for the IRB Wellington 7s Tournament for not paying child support payments. This is the second time that this has happened for him. The Fiji Rugby Union has come to his rescue and is making alternate arrangements to get him to Wellington today. What occurred to Ryder has also happened to other Fijian men who have been accosted at the airport just before they leave for a tour of duty (whether sports or military/peace keeping) overseas. Imagine the embarrassment being asked to stand aside at the airport. As it is with the world of drugs and increased security going with it, it is already an embarrassment when officials asks one a thousand questions regarding what you have in your luggage. As for being asked these personal questions, they are the ultimate in humiliation. The lesson for us all is first to learn to contain your libido and secondly to take responsibility for your actions. In the meantime, we wish the Fiji 7s Rugby team well in their Wellington sojourn and hope they bring back the Cup.

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