25 January, 2007

Traffic news

Traffic seems to be improving again for this site. Perhaps it might be the recovery after the military takeover last December. For the last week, here is the traffic numbers to the site :
  • Fiji, 48;
  • United States, 34;
  • Australia, 30;
  • United Kingdom, 13;
  • Canada, 9;
  • New Zealand, 7;
  • Ghana, 3;
  • Nigeria, 3;
  • Cote D'Ivoire, 3;
  • South Africa, 3.

and a sprinkling of other visitors from a number of other countries.

Interesting that the Fiji Visitors Bureau said today that they expect 30,000 tourists to come to Fiji in February 2007 after they took up the special offers that are being promoted by the travel industry in Fiji.

The Bureau says that if an average of 50,000 tourists per month visit Fiji from June to December this year, then the industry will make good its aim of being a billion dollar industry in 2007.

For those that want a short stay in Suva, check out our two bedroom self catering home through links at the right hand side of this blog. We too are promoting a special at F$600.00 per week (inclusive of everything advertised on those links). This is a 40% discount on our usual rates. The promotion goes up until end April 2007 and will be reconsidered then.

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