14 January, 2007

Nukulau Island to be ready in 2 weeks

Nukulau Island is to be ready in 2 weeks after clearing being done by the Prisons Department. Nukulau Island was last an island prison for those serving sentences related to the 2000 coup in Fiji. After the military takeover of government in December 2006, the Army Commander has made a decision to move all serving prisoners to other prisons and to free up Nukulau Island for recreational use. Nukulau Island was a favourite picnic spot before it became an island prison. It is located just to the left of Suva Harbour, outside the mouth of the Rewa River - the largest river in Fiji. It has a beautiful, white sandy beach and is one of the few white beaches near Suva.


jay said...

Hi, Commendations on your desire to promote Suva...it is a beautiful city, as is the entire country. I read with some interest about your blog about Nukulau Island and have a couple of questions. The first being...does this island not belong to the Naocodogo Mataqali?...and if that is so how is it that the government can commision it for prison use and then walk out leaving others, namely Suva City Council, to decide what they want to do with it, without consultation with the mataqali? I ask these questions not as a personal attack on you, but out of interest as no one else I have asked ahs been able to answer this for me. Can u help at all? Cheers Jo

Gilbert Veisamasama, Jr said...

Bula Jo.

I have no idea at all.

The best you could do is to do a title search at the Registrar of Titles to find out the "real" owner of the island and then take it on from there.