03 January, 2007

New Year celebrations continue in Suva

Celebrations to welcome the New Year continue in Suva with fireworks at night, beating of tin drums and people splashing each other with water - the usual way people celebrated New Year. The street party on Victoria Parade, next to Albert Park, was very popular and was filled mostly with Indo Fijians and the other races. Nightclubs were also filled to capacity with Indo Fijians and other races. A conspicuous absence were Fijians, perhaps due to New Year's Eve falling on a Sunday. Their absence on New Year's Eve has been made up for with their celebrations since Monday. More fun would be going on in the villages with their "taralala" (sing and dance parties), splashing water or talcum powder on each other, the beating of drums and firing of bamboo guns. It is the time of the year that most Fijians prefer to celebrate at their own villages because of the fun and gaiety there.

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