07 December, 2006

Suva residents live through another one

The Fiji Military Forces took over government on Tuesday, 5 December 2006, 6pm, Fiji time, after ousting Laisenia Qarase's government. As reported, this would be the 4th coup after the two of 1987 and one of 2000. Suva residents have lived through all of them and now, as in the past experiences, continue to go on with their daily lives. People are going to work, drive around, play their favourite sports and sit and "talanoa" (tell stories) with their friends and family. Somehow Suva residents have become all too used to having a coup or could not care less anymore. We have lived through past ones, through the grace of God, and He will make us live through this one. All in all, we pray that our leaders this time, take us through to a better footing minus all corruption and greed. Over the next few days, this blog will continue to bring you updates on what is happening in and around Suva.

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