17 December, 2006

New Marist Club opens

A newly refurbished club house, formerly the Marist Club, and now called Bosco's Bar, is now open. The Bar is located within the Marist Brothers High School buildings. With its new name, the club pays tribute to a former Fiji rugby representative and captain of the national rugby team. Pio Bosco Tikoisuva was a well known rugby player throughout the 1970s in Fiji. His most memorable moment was when he captained the national team who beat the visiting British Lions team in Fiji in 1977. Bosco when on to excel in his professional life and was the Government Printer before taking over the Chief Executive Officer role of the Fiji Rugby Union. He has since retired. The club management thought that he was a very good role model for players hence their choice for the bar to be named after Bosco. The club management is also working on other plans to further promote the club and its activities to attract families of former students.

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