24 December, 2006

Christmas Eve in Suva

Today is Christmas Eve and I have just noted that Suva is so quiet. There are just a few cars on the road with hardly anyone walking around. Perhaps it is a Sunday and Sunday's are always quiet. It may be that people are also recovering from all the partying from Friday and Saturday. Nightclubs in Suva have been full over the past two nights as people celebrated Christmas - perhaps too to get over the crisis that we have been facing. Tonight? I do not think that the clubs will be that full like it was the last two nights. As I said, it is Sunday. From me, let me just say that I wish you readers a very Merry Christmas and a Successful 2007. Let us rediscover for ourselves for real meaning of Christmas - a time to reflect on ourselves and our journey, a time to share with the less fortunate - a time that God gave us His son! Again to all of you out there, particularly, those in the cold countries who cannot venture out as much as they would like to at this time, Merry Christmas.

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