20 November, 2006

PM praises Gujarati community

The Gujarati community commemorated the 100th year of the first arrival of their ancestors in Fiji last weekend. The PM, as chief guest at the celebrations commended the community's contribution to Fiji's economy, which he labelled as an inspiring story of achievement. He said that when the Gujaratis first settled here, they sought out opportunities and their success was testimony to their taking the chance in a foreign land. "Gujratis, as free immigrants, came with the intention of setting up business in Fiji. They did this at considerable risk to their standing in their former societies in India. For many, the family history takes a similar path of small beginnings and growth into large companies or family members diversifying into professional work as doctors, lawyers, administrators, accountants and, more recently, into the IT field. Today the Samaj is a major contributor to the growth of Fiji's economy and development", a member of the organising committee said.

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