18 November, 2006

National Forum on Family & Children

The National Forum on Family & Children will be held on 6 and 7 December 2006 at the Fiji Teachers Union Hall, Suva. Theme : "Putting Families First in our Lives". Topics the Forum will address will include :
  • Strengthening Family Values;
  • Education and Children's Development;
  • Child Care & Communications;
  • Health and Nutrition;
  • Families & Prevention of Drugs and Substance Abuse Prevention;
  • Family & Financial Management.
The Forum provides a unique opportunity for families from multicultural communities to unite and work together to make a difference in the role families play in today's society and make positive changes within lives for social, economic and national development. For more information contact Ben Lutua on telephone +679 3312649 or e-mail fcoss@connect.com.fj. Note from GV : For accommodation in a two bedroom home, click on links at the right hand side of this blog for more details or e-mail gilbert@connect.com.fj.

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