22 November, 2006

Christmas decorations with a Fijian theme

Here are some suggestions for Christmas decorations with a Fijian theme:
  • for a Christmas gift, take a woven basket, spray it with yellow or gold paint or tie a tapa/masi like material or silver paper around it, then tie a red, gold or green bow (ribbon) on its handle and place small potplants of catcus plants or any other plants in the basket;
  • for a Christmas tree, get a tree from a shop and wrap the bottom with a tapa design material and cover the bowl as well with tapa material. Place it in the middle of your living room;
  • for Christmas wreaths, cut out paragrass and make them into a circle using wires and attach seashells like "kaikoso" (mussels) and "yaga" (another seashell) around it as Christmas bells and clip "dogo" (mangrove tree) sticks on it as its shepherd sticks. Another option is to make wreaths out of "voivoi" (pandanus leaves used for Fijian mats), using paragrass rings, attach sugarcane leaves or ferns for its green and pin kumquats around it after spraying it with silver or gold paint, as its Christmas balls. You can also use small green guavas as tiny balls around the wreath. Tie a big red bow on it and hang it on your door or inside the house. Bicycle tyres can also be used for wreaths;
  • for a way to store candies and lollies, wash an old safety boot, dry it, spray it with gold or silver paint, fill it up with sand, put an oasis on it and fit in the candies and lollies among your flower arrangement. This can be put on the coffee table for family and friends to pick from.
There you go, your decorations and gift ideas with a Fijian flair. These suggestions are from a well known Suva based florist, Jimmy Montu. To contact Jimmy, you can call telephone +679 3381954 or visit him at his home at 11 Lavena Road, Nabua, Suva.

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Sean Carter said...

Reading your posts are always a pleasure.This time you have some great stuff too. Thanx for some great ideas....