23 November, 2006

Another 3 shops to check out in Suva

Suva has a good range of sportswear shops which offer brand products of high quality. Check out these three :
  1. Sportsworld at Waimanu Road which specialises on Puma products. Sportsworld offers a whole range of mens and womens sports clothes and equipment. It also has a good range of Puma footwear on sale and these are the cheapest in town given that they are dealers for Puma products. You can also bargain down prices when you are in this shop. I do get bargains from them all the time I go there.
  2. JR White along Victoria Parade specialises on CCC products apart from a smattering of other brands. It offers mostly mens sports clothes and has a good range of sports and casual wear in the CCC brand. The beanies there are quite good too, however, it might not be good for our current weather as we are into summer!
  3. Tappoos Store specialises on Nike products and are the agents of Nike in Fiji. There is not much on offer in their Suva store but they do have sports clothes and footwear in the Nike brand. Nike products, as we all know, are slightly more highly priced than other sports brands so you can expect to see prices in that light as well. Try to bargain for a 5% to 10% discount while there.

There are other sportswear shops in Suva apart from these three that you can also check out. Some of the shops may already have started their Christmas sales so you could just happen upon a good bargain. Happy shopping!

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