20 November, 2006

3 shops to check out in Suva

Three shops to check out in Suva for accessories and ornaments. They are :
  1. Aladdin's Cave at Palm Court, Victoria Parade, Suva. The shop sells ethnic looking jewellery including necklaces, rings, bracelets, mats, furniture, garden slabs and accessories, candles, purses, cushions, bed spreads and blankets, sun catchers and dream catchers. Products are from Indonesia, India, Vietnam, South America, South Africa and other places.
  2. Cascade Bookshop at Palm Court, Victoria Parade, Suva. This shop sells products along the same lines at Aladdin's Cave, in addition to books and CDs. Some of the products include scarves, jewellery, sarongs, bags, furniture including wall mirrors. Some of the products are from Indonesia.
  3. Palace of Petals, corner of Ellery Street and Renwick Road, Suva. This shop is primarily a flower shop but has branched out into selling jewellery, scarves, bags and furniture.

There are also other shops that sell ethnic Fijian handicraft and jewellery, if you are looking for those. These can be found at the Government Handicraft Shop at Sukuna House along Victoria Parade, the Suva Handicraft Centre in front of the seawall in Suva and at the Suva Flea Market, located opposite the Suva Bus Terminal. If you are a visitor to Suva, make sure to bargain the prices down.

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