14 October, 2006

A person's opinion on laziness and kava drinking

We provide below a quote of a person's opinion on laziness and kava drinking.
  • "It is definitely 'scapegoating' if we blame yaqona (or kava) for our laziness. Yaqona is not the problem. People are. We learnt that lesson from Dennis Boddy with whom we worked in the late '60s. Now and again our office staff would go and have "a pint" at the GPH Sports Bar. And when they leave after a pint, Mr Boddy would tell us : 'Make sure that everyone turns up to work tomorrow, because I will not take any drunkenness excuse from anyone.' Exactly. Why blame the beer if we are just lazy to drag ourselves out of our beds because the pints turned into gallons last evening? We eventually got the message, which was to avoid drunkenness, not to drink too much and be dedicated to our profession. He advocated temperance rather than abstitence. Then the abstitence people came in, and inadvertently brought in a yaqona-drinking culture in lieu of beer drinking, which kept people up all night and got them so doped that they become zombies of sort. Even so it is still a personal choice, isn't it? So why blame yaqona? People just need to be disciplined and control their yaqona consumption. Excessive yaqona drinking is a contributor I agree. But people are the problem, aren't they? People are not helpless and people can combat it come what may." A Naigulevu, Tamavua, Suva.

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