09 October, 2006

New Caledonian band vows crowd at the Melanesian Festival

New Caledonia's Peuuadedu band has been a hit with the crowd since it started playing at the Melanesian Arts & Cultural Festival in Suva. A band member said it was interesting to see the reaction from the crowd when the band took the stage. The 7-member band plays music with a reggae influence and sing in their own dialect. "We do really enjoy the reaction from the crowd and I can say that the Fiji crowd is the best. We can really tell that they do have a passion for music and it feels good to see the smiles on their faces when we sing. What makes our singing unique is that we sing in our own "kanak" language and I think that is what the Fiji fans like", the band member said. He said the band members looked forward to every outing especially during the lunch hour shows at Sukuna Park, Suva. Another band that is also a crowd favourite is X-BEATS from Papua New Guinea. The 8-member band vows to keep the crowd on their feet until they return next week. Meanwhile, there will be multicultural displays, songs and dances at Albert Park this morning to celebrate Fiji's 36th Anniversary since gaining Independence from Great Britain. The show will be preceded by a military tattoo. If you would like to watch some interesting dances from Fiji's multicultural community and from the visiting Melanesian delegations, be at Albert Park this morning.

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