21 October, 2006

Fijian-English dictionary launched

The "Macquarie Dictionary of English for the Fijian Islands" was launched yesterday in Suva. The trilingual dictionary is in English, Fijian and Hindi. The dictionary would be of good use to tourists who come to Fiji as they would be able to use it to get the Fijian or Hindi translation of English words. The fact that most people in Fiji speak English has also helped our tourism. The dictionary also contains common language used on the streets of Fiji e.g. "Uro". The dictionary is available at the Fiji Times office in Suva and is being sold at the introductory price of F$32.50 for a hard cover copy and F$22.50 for a soft cover. For enquiries about mail order, call Foto Ledua on telephone +679 3221675 or e-mail dictionary@fijitimes.com.fj.

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