18 October, 2006

Diwali to be celebrated this Saturday

Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, will be celebrated by all Hindus in Fiji this Saturday. The festival is celebrated once a year and is the time when all Hindu homes are adorned with lights, "diyas" and the families light firecrackers. There has been a ban of heavy firecrackers in recent years after accidents claiming some lives of those using them. However, it can be expected that Hindus will not let the ban hinder their enjoyment of the festival as they celebrate the victory of good over evil. If you are lucky enough, an Hindu friend or family may invite you to their home to be part of the celebrations and taste some good Indian sweets and cooking. Otherwise, if you live next to a Hindu family, it is the time when they share sweets and other food with their neighbours - so expect some. For those with cars, it is always a good time to drive around in the early evening to watch all the fancy light displays by all Hindu homes. Have fun!

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