31 October, 2006

Diving area to be set up in Suva

A diving area will be set up in Suva where divers can explore derelict ships which are to be sunk in the Harbour. About 18 vessels have been impounded with a few days given to owners to put a claim on them. If there are not claimants, the Fiji Ports Corporation Limited plans to sink the ships in a common area and build an artificial reef for diving to attract divers to Suva. The project is the first for Fiji and is an exciting experience for the port authorities. The impact on the environment has, however, not been disclosed in releases made to the public. While on this subject, it maybe high time that the authorities move the industrial area currently located at Walu Bay, to another location outside the city. The pollution from factory and plant waste has longed seeped into the harbour spoiling what could otherwise be a beautiful and pristine one. Such a move would also help extend the commercial zone to that part of the city which would be an advantage as the current CBD is getting very congested and will be more so with the upcoming buildings completed for the MH Carpenters Plaza, the Tappoo City and the Mid-city Complex.

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