08 October, 2006

Colours liven up Suva

The city of Suva, Fiji, came alive yesterday as the colours of the Melanesian people were displayed in various ways in a march through the capital's main streets. People from all walks of life lined both sides of the streets to view a colourful parade by delegates of the 3rd Melanesian Arts & Cultural Festival currently being held in Suva. The delegation from a highland tribe of Papua New Guinea led the march with their traditional costumes and chants. The PNG Manus or coastal people displayed their traditional dance on a float decorated with betel nuts. The Solomon Islands delegation serenaded the procession with their harmonious bamboo pipes and melodious string band. New Caledonians lit up the city with their bright orange dresses and shirts accompanied by their war chants performed by their men. The Vanuatu delegation showcased the relationship between people and the environment with the colourful masks they were wearing. The Fiji delegation was led by Ratu Popi Cakobau, a descendant of Ratu Seru Cakobau of Bau. The delegation showed off the chiefly costumes of some of the provinces in Fiji. Fiji's Independence Day celebrations continue tomorrow at Albert Park. See detailed program of celebrations in an entry on 5 October 2006 on this blog.

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