13 October, 2006

Artistic talents of Fiji's future generation should soar

The Ministry of Education has formally introduced a new curriculum framework for schools by introducing Expressive and Creative Arts as a subject to enhance asthetic and creative skills of students. Bonus grants were made to schools who participated at the recent "Tadra Kahani" festival. According to organisers, Tadra Kahani 2006 was a success as more than 12,000 people turned up to watch the event at the FMF Dome, Laucala Bay, Suva. About 2,000 students participated in the 2-day event. The festival is something that students and adults alike look forward to to view the artistic, creative and production skills of students as their produce their own skits, plays, drama and dance around a theme which is given by the festival's organisers. With Government going out to promote and encourage the Audio-Visual and Film Industry in Fiji, we should hope that the encouragement of such skills in our young will augur well to promote Fiji's artistic and expressive skills and talent.

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